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Some examples of laser-engraved signs made with our uniquely Formulated Products

Some of our Inks for Laser Engraving, which allow different kinds of laser engraving on metals.

Heves Flasks

Colors and surfaces vary. If you need work on an unlisted material, ask us about it. Contact us by email

Product Code


Laser potency

Materials (substrate)



HEVES 7007

CO2 Laser

20 W or more

Stainless steel and other metals Black

HEVES 7011 Aluminum an other metals Black

HEVES 7015 Chromium-plated and Nickel-plated Black

HEVES 7031 Stainless steel - steel Clear (deep)

HEVES 7034 Anodized aluminum Reddish

HEVES 7036 Anodized aluminum Green

HEVES 7040

CO2 + YAG:Nd

CO2 Laser 20 W or more

Ceramics, tiles, marble Colourless (deep)

HEVES 7041 Ceramics, tiles, marble Beige

HEVES 7042 Porcelain, ceramics, crystal, glass Blue

HEVES 7043 Porcelain, ceramics, crystal, glass Yellow

HEVES 8005 Aluminum and other metals Black

HEVES 8006
Visible Light Laser Diode  4000 mw or more
Porcelain, ceramics, crystal, glass, plastics Green

HEVES 8007 Porcelain, ceramics, crystal, glass Black

HEVES 8009 Ceramics, porcelain, tiles, glass, crystal Copper - Bronze Brown

HEVES 8010


Ceramics, marble, glass, acrylic Colorless

HEVES 8016

CO2 / YAG:Nd

Pottery, Porcelain, Tiles, Glass and Crystal Copper

HEVES 8201 CO2 / YAG:Nd
All these work for CO2 Laser 9 W or more
They print on PLASTICS like:Polypropylene (PP), Polythene (PE) Polystyrene (PS), ABS, Acrylics, Polycarbonate, Polyacetal and othersThey allow to obtain new colors by mixing one and other, immediately before use. Black  
HEVES 8202 CO2 / YAG:Nd White  
HEVES 8203 CO2 / YAG:Nd Yellow  
HEVES 8204 CO2 / YAG:Nd Red  
HEVES 8205 CO2 / YAG:Nd Light blue  
HEVES 8206 CO2 / YAG:Nd
All these work for Visible Light Laser Diode 500 mw or more
HEVES 8207 CO2 / YAG:Nd Blue  
HEVES 8208 CO2 / YAG:Nd Light green  
HEVES 8209 CO2 / YAG:Nd Brown  
HEVES 9002 CO2 / YAG:Nd Bronze  
HEVES 9004 CO2 / YAG:Nd Aluminium  
HEVES 9006 CO2 / YAG:Nd Copper  

Note.- colors on screen are not exactly those obtained by the product

We have recently developed more than 28 different Heves additives and we are launching them to the market:

Heves Line 8200
Designed for laser engraving on plastics (polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polyacetals, etc) in black, white and 9 colors!
They can also be mixed immediately before use to achieve new color combinations.

Heves 7015
Designed for laser engraving on silver, silver metal, chromium and nickel (and on those hard- to-burn metals found in Chinese Key Tags)

Heves 7015
It works very well on surfaces where other products fail to do so

Heves 8016
To engrave with metallic copper on Glass, Ceramics, Tiles and Porcelanate



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