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Chemicals for Laser Engraving on Metal, Plastic, Ceramics or other substrates

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Uniquely Formulated Ink-like chemicals for Laser Engraving

We produce unique chemical ink substrates for color laser engraving on plastic, metal, ceramics or other materials.

Our Products : codes, substrates, colors, descriptions. These chemical formulations allow laser engraving in different conditions. They are uniquely formulated and made to order.

User Manual: a few hints on how to take maximal advantage of our products. Detailed engraving directions.

Some examples of laser-engraved signs made with our products: photos showing finished products in different materials. More photos: laser engraving on plastic and metal objects 1 and laser engraving on plastic and metal objects 2

Our advantage is that we can custom formulate any product according to your needs.

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We hope you see this new way to satisfy your customers and improve your business.

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About Laser Engraving Products and Methods


Laser Cutting Acrylic:

CO2 lasers are ideal acrylic cutting, in signage, displays and other presentations. The laser cut provides flame polished edges. No need for post-processing. For a good acrylic cut you need to optimize the material, the type of CO2 laser and the power or energy.

The Heves inks help concentrate the laser in the target marking. In adittion, the higher the output power the faster the cut.

Cutting Acrylic with a CO2 laser plus Heves inks:

- Advantages Compared to Conventional Methods:


Laser Engraving of Ceramics:

In some cases not only the top surface is affected, but also the underlying material. This is more common in commercial grade ceramic items like earthenware.

Industrial ceramics are more heat resistant and have a better quality surface. Ceramic materials need powers of 45 watts or more.

Best results are achieved if the surface is covered beforehand with masking tape and the engraved surface is designed in color. Use Industrial ceramics rather than artisan quality. You can use less power if you use the proper Heves additive/ink.

Coated Metals:

Laser Marking Coated Metals and Anodized Aluminum:

Heves is optimal for etching anodized aluminum or coated metals. During the engraving of anodized aluminum, the engraved surface becomes white. With coated metals, the coating is stained by the ink and the metal layer remains intact. Use a laser system with low output.

Individual metal parts are generally labeled with serial numbers, bar codes, data matrix codes or logos. Laser etchers are well-suited to this task because they generate a forgery-proof, permanent, indelible, thermally and chemically-resistant metal marking on workpieces. Laser marking is also fast and precise.

Anodized aluminum is used primarily for the production of signs (e.g. type plates), or in the promotional materials industry. Anodized aluminum is also a popular material in the industrial sector.

Marking anodized aluminum parts with a CO2 laser is simple. The laser combined with the chemical reagents that constitute the Heves Laser Engraver removes the pigment and creates a white mark. The darker the anodized color, the better the contrast. This can be done with low powered systems and does not impact that actual metal layer.

Metals with coatings such as paint, ink and oxides are also treated with CO2 laser.

Outstanding Advantages of Heves Laser Engraving Chemicals over Traditional Tools:


Laser Engraving Glass:

Lasers can create impressive results on glass. Other methods such as rotary engraving or sandblasting can be replaced with a laser. See the photos.

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