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Examples of Engraving with our Laser Inks

A few examples of Our Chemical Formulations for Laser Engraving on Metal, Plastic or other materials

Laser Engraving Inks for paint and plastic, laser engraving products, laser engraving on paint

Our products meet and exceed the standards from the Laser cutting machines
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glass engraved with our inks and laser
stainless steel engraved with our products and laser
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The craft of laser engraving

• There is a developing demand in the business to footmark and record merchandise during assembly or during its existence. As the artefact cataloguing demands to endure its complete life span the etching must be abiding. Laser etching is by a great distance the finest and most applied approach to bring about abiding etches on a ample diversity of elements.
• For a readable etch the laser etching action bring abouts optic difference amidst words and background. The contrast can be accomplished in 2 methods, either a replace in pigment or by alter in specular reflection. One can differentiate distinct laser etching methodes for etching on a ample diversity of elements, like carving and ablation, annealing, pigment replace (carbonization, bleaching) and spuming.

Etching and ablation
• Common – Essential contexts for etching or ablation laser etching are elevated point energy with brief beat durations to accomplish energy densities that desiccates or breaks up the element • Etching – Etching laser etching detaches the element from the covering, resulting in replace of specular reflection. This action is typically employed for metals.
• Ablation – Ablation laser etching deletes film coats or lacquer stratums from the basement element. Average case for this breed of laser etching is ablation of the oxide stratum of anodized aluminum.
Annealing – Some elements alter pigment at advanced temperature. The laser emission heats up the covering to assured temperature where the etching emerges owing to oxidization. The structure and thickness of the oxide stratum regulates the pigmented aspect.


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