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Color Engraving for Paint

We have the only product that allows Color Engraving on the paint layer of metal parts.

Unless direct laser engraving, that penetrates the metal and risks corrosion or rusting, and serigraphic printing, that wears off with use and time, our system allows staining of the metal surface without damaging the part.

We are selling this product to metal parts makers, because they need to identify every part in a safe way.

Heves 8200 is a product that provides colour for plastics and paint. It stains the paint layer, without exposing the metal.

See the page on plastic engraving

laser engraving on paint

Marking any color on any plastic, paint or rubber

Now your machine Laser is a much more valuable, because you can do jobs previously reserved for screen printing or Pad Printing

And make them faster and better You can engrave on metal coated with paint of any kind and maintain protection on the metal This is very important for example in the industries of New Technology

The record company in Spain TECNOCORTE pieces of Aluminum, Titanium, etc. ... coated with epoxy paint, without affecting the needed protection on the base metal.

Ask us for details on your projects, materials or laser machine.

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